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The Story Of Papichulo Style

Posted by Sebastian Cardona on

Hi guys,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sebastian, and the beginning of this story is, of course, my hair. It was very crespo, thick, dry, and very difficult to handle since I was a kid.

My hair brought me many nicknames: Angel hair, pelo chuto, nappy hair, toupee, and many others. My brothers, cousins, and friends constantly reminded me how difficult my hair was.

Despite all of this, since I was very young, I was always interested in taking care of myself, getting dressed, and, most of all, combing my hair to perfection, another thing that made me kind of famoso at that age, although I was nothing but a "conceited kid" for many people.

When I was just 8 years old, I started using hair gel every day. It was the only way that I tried to tame my difficult, curly, thick, and dry hair.

You're going to lose your hair.” “You're too young to use that.” “You’ll be bald by 20.” They told me many things, but I kept using gel because it was the only way to handle my hair and, at the same time, look the way I wanted it to look all day.

At school I wasn’t allowed to have long hair, so I used gel to be able to hide it a little bit, but when I went to college I let my hair grow longer, and I really loved it. I discovered a whole universe of hair care products such as styling creams and endless specialized treatments, which made it easy for me to see myself as I wanted. Kind of Papi, you know...

I realized that the problem was never my hair, but the products I was using!

Now, I had longer hair and it looked the way I wanted. That was chulo! My hair became a source of pride, and suddenly people really started to like it (did I tell you that my wife loves my style?) The nicknames changed: now they were to honor my hair (now, they called me Cabas, a south American singer, because they said I looked like him.)

But everything comes at a price. Now I was a slave to the care of my hair, dedicating too much time and effort to it every day. After a while, I gave up and went back to my short hair: difficult, crespo, thick, and dry. I returned to gel.

(Chapter 2)

The next chapter of this story begins when I decided to study English in the United States. At school I belonged to a small group of Latinos, and a Russian friend started calling us "papi-chulos". Everybody started calling us papi-chulos right away!!! That's when my relationship with that name began. I really liked that nickname and how it was used also by people who don’t speak Spanish.

I kept taking care of myself and my hair, but one day I left home in a rush, without any time to do my hair. Then my Russian friend saw me and said: "Hey! What happened! Did you leave your papi-chulo style at home today?" I laughed out loud and loved the sound of those words. I immediately knew I had to do something with that name, PAPICHULO STYLE!

I felt that I had a name, my own brand.

Fast-forward a couple years, and around my thirties, I met a young Italian Barber and told him this whole story about my dry, crespo, difficult hair, and that’s when he introduced me to the pomade world. I immediately fell in love with it. I grew my hair back and I was able to take care of it without spending too much time doing so. Now, I didn't need an hour. Just a few minutes in the morning, and I'd be ready to look good all day (bien!)

Finally, I’ve found what I had been looking for: My own product. My PapiChulo Style.

 I loved the pomade so much that I proposed a partnership to the Barber. I was a designer, and he had the formula... perfecto! But he declined saying he had already tried it unsuccessfully and now he was focused on other businesses.

(Chapter 3)

 I didn’t want to give up. My entrepreneurial spirit and my persistence were screaming at me that I had an opportunity. It made sense to me. Everything clicked! Me having the brand and the product was a perfect match and I was so sure of it!

 The world of pomade’s formulas and processes turned out to be a complex and demanding one for me, but that didn't stop me. I completely immersed myself in that world and decided to study Cosmetic Formulation for two years here in the United States.

 With the new knowledge I started to develop my own formula. 98 attempts later I got the first one! El Original. 22 more attempts after,  El Fuerte arrived.

 El Híbrido, our third special formula, was a pomade created because my clients started to ask for it. As with many innovations, I came to it by "mistake". Working on another formula, I ran out of an ingredient so I decided to leave it kind of “unfinished”, and I sent it to the barber who tried it. He not just loved it, but immediately El Hibrido became the best-selling product for a very long time.

 Having developed my three pomades, I started to promote them among friends and family. More barberos started to ask for them and try them, based on the feedback of their satisfied customers.

  • 120!, 120 jars was my first “big” sale. All handmade. Every part of that process was quite an odyssey, but nothing else mattered because I was packing my dreams: 120 jars full of passion.
  • Today, we keep working constantly to improve processes, materials, and we keep loving our brand and its products. We are a four year old company, we sell in four countries, growing in confidence, and help barbers to offer our brand to their clients and help them to be confident!

    We believe in us and we strongly believe in you. This story is no longer just about me, Sebastian. We believe the world will be better if all men are who they want to be, taking care of themselves freely and easily.

    Papichulo Style is a new story with great written moments and a lot more to be written. Together.