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Why Selling Papichulo Style

Papichulo Style was launched in August 2017 after being tested in 4 states (California, New York, Florida and Connecticut) for 3 months with amazing results!.
Our test stores sold from 4 to 7 jars a day; that means an extra of $168 to $294 a week, which represents an increase of $8,736 to $15,288 a year just for mentioning our products to their costumers while they get a haircut or pay at the counter. NO EXTRA EFFORT OR EXTRA WORK NEEDED!.
Benefits of Being a Papichulo Style Wholesaler
  • Superior grooming products and a happy patron.
  • Support to make your shop more popular and profitable.
  • High increase in your profits with absolutely NO EFFORT.
  • Products developed with the help of two talented barbers and a professional chemist, which guarantees excellent quality and performance for all hair types, making your costumer come back to your shop for more.
  • Small minimum orders (12 units).
  • Fast restocking to ensure customer loyalty.
  • Free Shipping in orders over $500.
  • Free merchandise and marketing material.
  • Special Editions with your own brand name. Perfect for special events, holidays or to build customer loyalty.